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Super Mureed
Super Mureed
The Humble Muslim
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    Posted: 16 July 2007 at 4:57pm
Salam everyone

As you know, we have a new shura in place.  What we want to do is to try and make this forum more agreeable for all.  So for muslims, we have decided to come up with a code of conduct.

The word DAWAH means, amongst other things, invitation.  To that end, every muslim on this forum should consider themselves as a host for our non muslim guests.  And that means acting like a host at ALL times.  The Prophet(SAW) showed immense patience with non muslims who even tried to kill him; this resulted in many such people (such as Abu Sufyan) accepting Islam.    In fact, the Prophet(SAW) married Abu Sufyan's daugther when she became muslim, while Abu Sufyan was still a mushrik.  Abu Sufyan was actually happy about this, because he knew that the Prophet(SAW) was, despite their differences - and even wars - a great person underneath.

Now no-one is physically fighting us on this forum, yet some of us - when a non muslim says the slightest thing we disagree with, or evens asks a strange question out of ignorance, we are all over him or her.  This has to stop. We cannot expect people to like Islam if they do not see good in muslims. 

We should also remember how Jafar dealt with the Negus when asked about Islam and challenged about the Islamic concept of Jesus.  If you do not know this story, please read it here.  Unfortunately, too many muslims on this forum think they can give dawah by simply attacking the beliefs of other religions.

So here is the Code of Conduct for ALL muslims on this forum.

  1. Do not attack or insult members on the forum
    • No cursing
    • No slander 
    • No indecency in picture or post
  2. Do not make mocking or insulting remarks about any other religion--or their understanding of it. 
    • No takfir. 
    • No debating about Islamic sects 
    • No offence towards other members, organizations, races, nations, genders etc. 
    • No insults to Prophets or respected religious figures (including Jesus and Muhammad pbut, Paul, etc.)
    • No mocking/cursing of God or another religionís concept of God!
  3. Abide by the Terms of Service and Admin Verdicts 
  4. Proper manners
    • Patience 
    • Please listen to the moderators or admins. If you don't like something, feel free to complain to the Shura. The Shura is a mutual consultation group that runs the forum, they are there to serve you 
    • No insults to other members or faiths (see #2 above)
    • Avoid public displays of anger, and name-calling
    • Refrain from arguing in the public forums (or in private with non-Muslims)
Just remember, the name of this forum is 'Why Islam', not 'Why Not Islam'.  If you feel that you cannot abide by these rules, there's thousands of religious forums out there where you can rant, rave and insult as much as you like.  But this, Inshallah, is NOT going to be such a forum.

I am going to close this thread, but am more than willing to listen to people's thoughts on this.  Please feel free to PM either mysel for any of the other shura members (Aviatrix, Kadaveri, Hammeduallah, and Scooby Gurl) about this.
May Allah give me patience, Ameen.

My blog: http://regularbaba.blogspot.com/
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