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Questions and Discussions about Islam
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Originally posted by Al-Cordoby

There will be plenty of things to learn and talk about, NB, don't worry.
So don't worry about the social life and entertainment.I know you are comparing with this world, like say if you spend a super-luxury holiday in a 7 star hotel, after a month or so you would eventually get bored. Right? The nature of the Hereafter is totally different from the nature of this world.There believers won't need to do hard work to earn a living, as they will be surrounded with all what they need, and life there will be a life of total peace.
That's not really the point I'm making.

I've said in the past that I don't belief that mankind was "created for a purpose"; that I believe that we are simply here, now, for a time, and then we are gone. The answer I hear back from Muslims is that I'm wrong. They tell me that mankind was created to worship Allah and that our worldly life is a test. That is the purpose for which we were created, if I'm understanding this.

So now I ask: if Allah created the Universe and mankind for this purpose, what is our purpose once we are no longer in this world? Having fulfilled our original purpose we have no further purpose and so, for all intents and purposes (pun intended!), our life is over. What is the point of an afterlife if we have no purpose in it?
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Originally posted by Doris

With respect, that description of a hereafter sounds incredibly boring.

Just found this answer for you, Doris, and also for you NB:

Wouldn’t an Eternal Life in Heaven Be Boring?

Muslims believe, though, that being in this world is like a rehearsal for what is still to come. This life is rather like a drama and in it some people put on the clothes of a king, whilst others put on the clothes of a poor man.

When the drama is over, though, each one takes off the costume he has been wearing in this world and returns to that original state in which he came into the world: naked before Allah and equal to everyone else. No one takes their wealth with them to the grave.

There is a sense, too, in which we are tested in this world. Allah has given us things and we are asked to use them wisely. On Judgment Day there will be no one to stand up and speak for us. We will have to give an account of how we have lived our lives.

Allah certainly does not force us to do this or that while we are in the world. No, we can make whatever choices we wish, but we are asked to justify our choices on that Last Day.

Allah has made clear to us the best ways to live. By following His ways we will find happiness and contentment in this world. Not following His ways can only lead to our unhappiness.

For Muslims, then, everything in this world is just a prelude to what will come after it. The few, brief years we spend on earth are just the tiniest part of why we were created and why we exist.

Even the happiness we may have enjoyed during this earthly life will pale into insignificance compared to the happiness which is to come, where it will not be like a drama, with some people playing different roles. No, all will be rewarded in a very beautiful way...


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