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WohoOo Another 1

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Topic: WohoOo Another 1
Posted By: Deserves2Die
Subject: WohoOo Another 1
Date Posted: 18 June 2008 at 6:58pm
Salam Alekum every one, (Athiests included) jk.
Guess what happened Today, I went to Abul-Qasim Publishing house's Book store to buy The Holy Quran's English Translation by Saheeh International. They have a great collection of Books there, it's marvelous. I was looking for more books. One of my freind was with me. A Man came in, wearing a suit, with a notable beard & Height (IT DOESN'T MEAN I'M SHORT). Two Saudi Guys wearing the traditional dress were also with him. They were talking in English. It didn't took me long to assume that the Tall guy was A White Westerner because of his accent. He took many books along with a Copy of Saheeh International Translation of the Glorious Quran. I was there at the counter when He came with books. The salesman was doing something so we had to wait. He was holding Dr. Zakir Naik's Book "Qur'an and Modren Science, Compatible or Incompatible?". He asked his fellow Saudi, 'When did this Book come, I didn't heard about it". The Saudi Guy said "I don't know, but Zakir Naik is very good". How could I loose an oppurtunity to talk with him? So I added ''It was published in 2007 by Darussalam Riyadh''. He said 'hmm' and He looked at my Books. (I had Quran, and The purpose of Life'. I asked the Salesman Who was still busy, 'Don't you have the Book by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat "Muhammad pbuh the Natural Successor of Christ". He said "Finished". The Tall Guy asked "Muhammad what"? I said 'The Natural Successor of Christ". He pointed to a shelf and said You will find it there in the Book ''The Choice". I went there and found it. I came back with it and Thanked him. He continued "You like these Books"? I said "Yes, I'm a student of Dr. Zakir Naik in Theology and Comparative Religion". He smiled and said ''That's very good'' and the saudi Guy said ''See I told you, We talked about it, We must do something". The Tall guy said "Yes". He was looking at Me and I said 'InshAllah one day You will see me becoming a Lecturer of Islam'' The Saudi Guy said ''Like Ahmed Deedat'', I said 'Yes InshAllah'', The Tall guy smiled and continued, ''You are here on a Visit"? I said ''No, I Live here''. He asked the salesman for a peice of paper, He wrote something on it and Said ''Also check out for this Book it's very helpful in Comparative studies of Islam and Christianity''. I said Sure and took the paper which reads - ''MisGod'ed by Dr. Laurence B Brown'' . He continued ''Ahmed Deedat did a great service to Islam really but He was very aggressive sometimes, He sometimes took out unnecessary subjects which actually Hurt the feelings of others, This shouldn't be the Dawah style, instead of that the Preaching should be beautiful and in the best manner, So be polite.." and He smiled. I said ''Yes, that's right, He had a Big Mouth'' and smiled too. He said ''Actually It was because He was tempted by the Missionaries very much, and also because He was from south africa and they are agressive people''. The Saudi guy said ''He is a Very famous writer Dr. Laurence B. Brown''. I said ''Oh is that you, is it your Book"? (I was amazed) He said ''Yes''. I said ''I think I read a book of yours, Dr. Laurence B Brown, the name is very Fimiliar''. He said ''You may be read my First Book 'The First and the Last commandment''. I said ''YES, I read a quotation from this Book in another Book''. We shared some more talks of our common concern, He was an American Muslim. He left wishing me a Good luck.
It was really nice meeting him. Any one know him?

Propagate Islam, atleast Once DAILY

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